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Douai Abbey - Eve's Commonplace
Douai Abbey
 These are the things that I will always remember about my five weeks at Douai. The bell for Matins, like a submarine alert, and my talktative tummy protesting through the Venite. Yellow light flooding down through the stained glass, and the Prior standing a full metre away from the lectern to read the lesson. Chattering birds and the flash of a woodpecker, and moody rain clawing at the sunshine and clattering against the glass. My heavy books, and Teddy keeping Br Christopher under his watchful eye every weekend. Benedicite, cheese and onion bread’n’butter pudding; tea, toast and Br Dermot’s jam. Krakatoa and Pugin, the unfashionable Realm, and whether or not she ever dumped Andy. Kind, thoughtful faces and graceful hospitality. Above all, peace, prayer and PhD. Heaven on earth.


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