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Calling all impoverished gurus - Eve's Commonplace
Calling all impoverished gurus
Ashridge is offering £1 per word for your winning pearls of wisdom on the public sector. We've just launched an essay competition, in partnership with Guardian Public, looking at leadership in public services. With the option of a £5000 cash prize or a place on one of our flagship programmes, the deadline is 5 October, and essays (max 5000 words) are invited from anyone who feels the urge on one of the following topics:
1. What are the key challenges facing leaders in the public sector over the next 5 years?
2. How are relationships between citizens, politicians and public servants changing? What new skills and qualities do these changes demand of leaders in the public sector?
3. What have you and your organisation done that has helped achieve stronger performance and public recognition of your work? What can other public sector leaders learn from your success?
If you're intersted, please check out the weblinks above - we want to get as many entries as possible to stimulate the debate!

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