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Strategy in the Public Sector - Eve's Commonplace
Strategy in the Public Sector

The week before last we met to discuss strategy in the public and not for proft sectors. Andrew Campbell talked of his Harvard MBA days, pre-Porter, and only then did it occur to me how indoctrinated we have become about competitive strategy. Strategy, or policy, need not be constrained in this way, as it is merely the means by which organisations of any kind decide how to allocate scarce resources to best effect. For me strategy is merely out-thinking the status quo, and is more properly constrained not by concerns about the competition but by the inputs (availability of resource) and the outputs (the feasibility of implementation to effect results). In public sector this has particular resonance in the competition for Treasury budget, and in the challenge of political acceptability. By this analysis, such a constrained sector – which gets even more so tending towards the voluntary sector – the pressure of each end creates tension in the middle, providing a perfect crucible for creativity. As such, the best tools for strategy in the public sector will be the tools of creative thinking, layered through with strong political and influencing skills.

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