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Innocent until proven guilty - Eve's Commonplace
Innocent until proven guilty
I weep for Lord Green. His silence speaks volumes. We can but conjecture, risking ridicule when the truth comes out. But for me I am left with a deep sense of worry. Either he knew or he didn't. My money is on the latter. Why? Because Core Group Theory suggests that an organisation will do almost anything to shield its boss. And everyone knew Stephen Green was on the circuit telling the world how proud he was of the bank's values. A clergyman, to boot. And with the famous federalised structure this would have been easy to do. Who dares speak truth to power? Lord Green is a scary man if you try to take him on - the eyes freeze and turn to steel.
So as a student of leaders I worry. Are these businesses just too large? Can we really expect 'governance' of anything so huge? And how on earth can we stop bad behaviour, if it is so easy to hide away in a quiet corner of an empire, one that in this case is a byword for secrecy? Thank God for whistle-blowers. Please can we ennoble a few of these next time?
Meanwhile, we have some hard thinking to do. Core to my understanding of duty, service, leadership and responsibility is that if something goes wrong on your watch, your job is to carry the can. I don't care what the spin doctors and PR gurus say. Leaders cannot take on these jobs - with these salaries - and pick and choose which bit of the job they take on. What would do more than anything to restore the public's trust - faith - in the banks is a far larger pile of scalps. How sad that Lord Green may end up being one of them.

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