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Twin Kit List - Eve's Commonplace
Twin Kit List

BUGGY – we went for the Obaby Zoom. It is fabulous and the envy of many other twin mums, because the twins can face each other and it gets through narrow doors. It also fits into the space on the bus, and into a black cab, and has lots of space for bags. They are hard to track down new, but are always on eBay. Almost all of the other twin mums I know went for the iCandy Peach Blossom Twin although it's a bit tricky to extricate the bottom twin as they get bigger. Most then move on to the folding Maclaren Double (or the cheaper Argos copy).

SLINGS - you'll need two of the Baby Bjorn carriers or equivalents (buy the bibs too), but when they are very small and need both to be held you can just use a wrap sling (e.g., the Moby). We also used the Weego which was fine until they were almost a year old.

COT – initially we used a combination of the buggy carrycots and the Arm's Reach co-sleeper; then moved them into a bunk-cot that will see them through to age 6.

MONITOR – quite a few mums use video monitors, and there is a twin specific one, the Motorola MBP28 Twin Camera, or the Summer Infant monitor for which you can buy additional cameras. We went for one of the BT ones that also has a light show and plays music (or get a separate light show & music box e.g., TOMY).

SHOPPING – try not to buy anything new! Ebay is great, particularly if you buy 'bundles' and combine postage where a seller is getting rid of several things you need. The NCT nearly new sales are brilliant. In London, there are several FARA Kids charity shops, and in the summer Bloomsbury Babies does a weekly sale on Mondays in Coram's Fields. Most of the supermarkets do very good clothing basics, as do the likes of Primark, etc.

FEEDING – I did mixed feeding, and found the Harmony Duo twin nursing pillow very helpful, which is double-sided for both breast and bottle feeding. I also used the Ameda Lactaline double expressing machine. We used the Dr Brown's Bottles and sterilizer which have been fabulous. You'll need at least 12 bottles, although some mums recommend a rotation of 16-20 to cut down on the amount of sterlising you need to do, particularly in the middle of the night.

CHAIRS – most other twin mums have made heavy use of Baby Bjorn bouncers, although we went for the £10 version on amazon (by Red Kite – sadly no longer available). Again, many mums go for Bumbos, but we have found that the CushiTushes are harder for them to get out of, and make great feeding chairs when you start weaning. We've now gone for Eurobambino highchairs, but again many mums opt for the Stokke Tripp Trapp which converts as your child grows. Not quite chairs, but essential as part of your twin management strategy are door bouncers - ideally two opposite each other, so you can keep them busy in one place while you get things done.

RESOURCES – join TAMBA and your local Twins Club as soon as possible. Twin club websites generally have good discussions and message boards, and most have small ads where you can buy and sell kit. Twin-specific books that have been most helpful are Double Trouble, the Carol Cooper book and, for the twins, Two is for Twins. The best generic baby book to manage your anxieties in the early days is Your Baby Week by Week. This is also a great twin mum (and Dad) blog.

And the 10 things I wouldn't be without?

1 Our Obaby Zoom buggy, with the full complement of carrycots, car seats and pushchair seats

2 Sheepskins for the floor, and to take out and about

3 A baby gym with lots of Lamaze people and animals

4 Dr Browns bottles – no wind!!!

5 Naty eco nappies, delivered monthly via the Amazon subscription service (make sure you have a huge bin!)

6 My smartphone

7 Internet grocery shopping

8 The magical musical star

9 Our huge multi-purpose animal muslins

10 Plastic loopy links to attach things to the buggy etc

Misc recommendations

Just dress them in sleepsuits for the first six months - proper clothes have too many buttons etc!

video about the perils of being a twin parent

An Aussie lady recommended these swaddles to me, which were great when they were tiny

Toddler animal backpacks with reins

Good Apps: baby first aid, british red cross, nct babychange one, hailo!

Best pregnancy massage: Sanderson Hotel. Get one of the blokes to do it - they use a water bed so they can massage you from underneath, so you just lie on your back and it is lovely

Amazing baby scissors

Lovely mesmerising mobiles: Flensted

Great Tails books that are the perfect distraction in the buggy

Spoons to clip onto Ella's pouches for feeding on the go

Funky medicine spoons that contain the dosage in the handle (as featured in Vogue!)

Thanks to the mums who have already helped with this list. Please add your own suggestions in the comments, and let me know of any errors or broken links.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: July 23rd, 2013 11:32 am (UTC) (Link)

Twin Kit List

I found this list really helpful - thank you!

The thing I wouldn't be without is a tumble-drier.
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