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The Alias Protocol - Eve's Commonplace
The Alias Protocol
[courtesy of the Lovely Ange, so you can start 2012 properly addressed]

Soap Opera name = middle name plus current street (e.g., Eve Ellington)

Detective name = favouite colour plus favourite animal (e.g., Purple Otter)

Star Trek name = 1st 3 letters of surname, 1st 2 letters of middle name, 1st 2 letters of first name, plus last 3 letters of surname (e.g., Perevcaval)

Superhero name = the colour of your top plus 1st item on your right plus 'man/woman' (e.g., Black Pepperpot Woman)

Goth name = 'Black' plus name of one of your pets (e.g., Black Midnight)

Porn star name = name of first pet plus mother's maiden name (can't give you that one in case you rob my bank...)

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