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Bitchy Eurydice - Eve's Commonplace
Bitchy Eurydice
I recently went to Luton on a wild goose chase in the pouring rain. It reminded me that the only thing I like about Luton is the poet John Hegley. We bought a book of his poems there, in which I found this one, which solves an old puzzle, and is a morality tale about looking both ways. With thanks to my fellow Islingtonian John for his permission to post this.

Eurydice Speaks by John Hegley

Dog calmed
river crossed -
the gods had made it so clear
look back and she's lost.
So, dog calmed, river crossed
why did he look back?
Was it a chance overshoulder glance,
an absent-minded oversight
that sent me back to Hades,
or was it him checking
to see that I was still there
and then knowing
in that moment of knowing
that I was
but wouldn't be,
or was it an upbraiding glare,
petulance at my following him,
an impulsive reprimand
for which he would reprimand himself
for the rest of his days?
Or was it that he just went nuts?

Or, was it a celebratory sharing,
his foot upon the threshold
he turns...
'Eurydice, look – we're there...'
And then only he is there.
The overenthusiastic folly.
The premature judgement.
The complacent Greek.
What was his mistake?
The mistake is yours
if you only look at the possible errors of the man.
With the woman lies the solution.
Yes it happened at the very threshold.
But he turned because...
because I called him.
Any why?
Because I wanted to look at him once more.
But only once.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: August 1st, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

comment from Lizzie

I like it!

However, it is again the old blame it on Eve version of events. He looked; he ate.

From: (Anonymous) Date: August 1st, 2011 06:50 pm (UTC) (Link)

Like this

This was a nice treat and a poet I will add to my list

Gene Horan
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