January 5th, 2017

My new website: http://evepoole.com/

I posted my first blog on this site at 8.34am on 15 March, 2007. I had been at a seminar in Cambridge, where as a rookie PhD student I had been advised to 'do my thinking in public' if only to avoid the dreadful fate of publishing with a flourish a thesis that someone else had just brought out somewhere else in the world.

My first post was a stray thought about what the market would be like if it were
run by angels, and this blog has been a great place to park stray thoughts, like whether philosophy is like lost property, and what the Gruffalo has to say about the existence of God. It has also revealed to the world the much-guarded secret recipe for Ashridge's creme brulee, and a poem made from a game of scrabble. My most popular post has been my list of facts. The most useful? The twin kit list. And the most bizarre? The fruits of my temporary obsession with making hats.

It was on this blog that I first claimed the word '
leadersmithing,' so it is fitting that it is the reason I am now leaving this blog behind. Sitting at my sister's wedding in 2009, I heard her deliver a wonderful speech on the name Smith, which was now to be hers. It made me realise that 'smithing' was what I try to do with leaders, and is the best way to describe their daily activity. So I have turned all of that into a book, which is due out with Bloomsbury on 9 March 2017. You can order it here. I'm migrating this blog to my new website, which you will find here: http://evepoole.com/ . You can also follow me on twitter @evepoole

Thank you for reading my posts over the years. I hope you will still find interesting things to read from me on the new blog in the years to come.