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Eve Poole's bookS - Eve's Commonplace — LiveJournal
Eve Poole's bookS

Today I am VERY EXCITED AGAIN! Today Palgrave publishes my second book, this time based on Ashridge’s first International Research Conference on ethics and co-edited with Carla Millar. I think edited collections are such a useful way to get a handle on a complex topic, through a variety of lenses, to help you reach your own conclusions about the matter. This collection looks at Ethical Leadership in a global context, drawing on contributions from countries spanning the globe, from Spain to South Africa, from the Netherlands to Nicaragua, and from Hong Kong to DR Congo. The contributors are an interesting bunch, drawn both from academia and industry, and the book offers a range of approaches, research, ideas, and references, as well as practical examples. Topics range from corporate psychopathy and financial misreporting to Chinese folk wisdom and the moral compass, via spiritual anchors and life at the sharp end, and our Chairman Lord Carter has written the Foreword. As you will know from this blog, I am suspicious of the metaphor of the ‘moral compass’, preferring instead John Donne’s image of the ‘fix’d foot’ of drawing compasses. This collection is designed to help you zone in on your own fix’d foot through your reactions to the various contributions, as well as challenging some of your assumptions about both good and bad behaviour. And as we say in our acknowledgements, we are indebted to all the leaders, both ethical and unethical, who inspired us to write this book!

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