evepoole (evepoole) wrote,

Ashridge Guardian Public Essay Competition

Are you already exhausted by the amount of change facing the public and voluntary sectors, and fed up with the ‘more with less’ mantra? We want to find a way to cheer you all up, so we are again partnering with Guardian Public for an Essay Competition with a difference. This year we know you are too busy to write us a long essay, so instead we’d like some stories from you. These 600-word vignettes can either be about examples where public service is already delivering – dare I say it - ‘better with less,’ or can be about your role models in public services: whose leadership is making a difference in your world? You can write up to three vignettes in either category, and full details of the competition can be found here. Winning entries will be published by Guardian Public early in 2011, and winners will be eligible for free executive coaching to help you get through the challenges that lie ahead...

Tags: ashridge, better with less, essay competition, guardian public, role models
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